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Changes To Your Business Should Be Simple

Whether you want to change the business address, add a DBA to the registry, add or subtract an officer to the company, and even change the percentage of shares between the current owners, all of that can be done with an Amendment application for the registered corporation. There are a few steps that many people are not aware of when it comes to making these changes to a corporation that will not only expedite the amendment process, but also show how well you know your business and what is needed from you without being asked.

One myth to making amendments to a registered corporation is that you only need one signature to make changes, given that there is more than one owner to the corporation. The amendment form requires all signatures to be included with the changes that are part of the most previous filed form with the state. Usually these forms not only require all the signatures, but also that they may be notarized by a state approved notary. So make sure to bring all of the owners and their ID’s along to the office so that all may sign in front of the notary, or at least have the amendment form signed by a notary and brought along with copies of the owner’s identification cards. Make sure to bring the following with you:

  • Identification Card (Drivers License of all officers)
  • List of company names wanted (in case the first and second choices are not available
  • Proof of Address
  • Share Distribution between owners

Another myth that is popular amongst the accounting community is that people think registration fees for every state is the same, and businesses will just vary the price to make more money. Every state has their own specific fees based on what type of business you are registering, the industry are applying for, and even how many officers are actually being registered on the form. The prices are usually based on how many different forms are necessary to file and how long it takes on average to register that corporation in that specific state. The fees are usually almost always included in the final price of registering the company.

Now there is one thing that you wouldn’t find on a blog for a company that registers companies for a living, and that is helping the customer with information that could ultimately take away from the company itself. Many people are unaware that all of these registering abilities are available to the everyday person. Anyone has access to these state owned sites and ability to the fill out the necessary online forms to get the companies registered. The reason one comes to a company like Tax House is for the years of experience in registering corporations, figuring out the best possible structure for the individuals’ needs, and also the long term support that comes with every registration so that if anything happens, Tax House would be there to help with!

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Be Your Own Boss and Register!

Starting your own business can sometimes be a difficult and tedious process. Many people think that one has to contact a corporate attorney or even a CPA to register a corporation in the State of Florida or anywhere else for that matter. The process is actually much simpler than one thinks. To start the process of course you need to figure out a few simple details:

  • What type of business do you want to register the Employer Identification Number under?
  • What name do you want to use for the business?
  • The business address location

With these details in place, you can register a new corporation in the state of Florida within 48 hours. Of course there are a few things that can be asked of you to figure out the best corporate structure based on your business needs. If you are a United States resident or not will vary that information, and also how large of an income you project your business to have in the next few years will also vary the type of structure your business should have.

There are few states in the US that have tax breaks that many people don’t know about known as “tax havens” so that the primary shareholder and those registered under the corporation are not only protected through a “Corporate Shield” but are also getting the best tax breaks from the IRS. Registering in these kinds of states will also keep a door open for growing and expanding your business on a national level, and in some cases, an international level.

The key thing to remember is to always make sure that you trust your tax preparer and the company that is registering your corporation. An honest preparer will make sure that they have your company’s future in mind and that you can get the best results possible.